Mid-Atlantic Regional Group 

Blinded Veterans Association





Below are short Articles, stories and Novel for you to read or have your reader read to you!

Pedalling Backwards by Julia Russell

The Highlander’s Hope – A Contemporary Highland ce by Cali MacKay

 Wolves of the Sea

Midnight Phone Call

Blind Faith - by Jeanne Marie Laskas

Finding sight in the darkness - by Nicky Blackburn, The Jerusalem Post

A feel for business

Bull Hunter- by Max Brand. Read by chapter to chapter. A full length novel. Please use Jaws or Zoomtext

A History of Braille 

Dream-Lover (pdf format)

The Railway Angel (pdf format)

A Hero's Due (pdf format)

Two Shakey Towers a Fable (pdf format)

The Great Shark Hunt (pdf format)

Cadet's Dream (pdf format)

Drill &; Sanctimony (pdf format)

Ash Dogs (pdf format)

Potus (pdf format)


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