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Explanation of the Keys on a Windows QWERTY Keyboard (Cont)


Control Key


Control Key

Ctrl Depressing the Ctrl key while clicking allows multiple selections. Holding the Ctrl key down and pressing other key combinations will initiate quite a few actions. Some of the more common ones are listed below.


Ctrl + A Select All items


Ctrl + B Add or remove Bold formatting


Ctrl + C Copy, places the selected/highlighted copy on the clipboard.


Ctrl + C + C Opens the clipboard.


Ctrl + F Opens the Find what: dialog box. Great for finding references on a web page while using your favorite web browser.


Ctrl + H Replace, brings up the Find and Replace dialog box. Great for global find and replace routines while working in normal and html views in your favorite WYSIWYG editors like FrontPage. You can also use this to find and replace content within your Word Documents, Excel Spreadsheets, etc...


Ctrl + I Add or remove Italic formatting.


Ctrl + N Window, In Internet Explorer, opens a New Window. In Outlook, opens a New Mail Message. In most publishing programs like Word, opens a New Document.


Ctrl + O Open, brings up a browse dialog and allows you to select a file to open.


Ctrl + P Print


Ctrl + S Save


Ctrl + U Add or remove Underline formatting.


Ctrl + V Paste, inserts the copy on the clipboard into the area where your flashing cursor is positioned or the area you have selected/highlighted.


Ctrl + W Close, will close the document currently open.


Ctrl + X Cut, removes the selected/highlighted copy and places it on the clipboard.


Ctrl + Y Redo last command. Many software programs offer multiple Redo's by pressing Ctrl + Y + Y + Y...


Ctrl + Z Undo last command. Many software programs offer multiple Undo's by pressing Ctrl + Z + Z + Z...


Ctrl + Esc Open the Start menu (or use the Windows Key if you have one).


Ctrl + = Spell checker (pre WinXP).


Ctrl While dragging a file to copy the file.


Ctrl + Shift While dragging a file to create a shortcut.


Ctrl + Tab Allows movement (toggle) from one open window to the next in an application with more than one open window.


Ctrl + F4 Close a window in an application without closing the application.


Ctrl + F5 In Internet Explorer, Ctrl + F5 will Refresh the web page bypassing cache (all images and external file references will be reloaded).

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