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Technology, or what we often refer to as &;high tech,&; has significantly changed the way we learn, work, play and just simply live. But while computers have had a tremendous influence in everyone's life, they can have an even more profound and critical impact on those who are blind or have low vision.

The most significant element of this technology revolution for persons who are blind is the ability to access a vast range of printed text material. Until just a few years ago, the only way persons with severe vision loss could access such material was by using a sighted reader. Today, using computers equipped with specialized software, blind persons can, read electronic books, access daily newspapers, pay bills, keep track of their bank accounts, shop, or even play games on the Internet.

The creators of this site realize there are many types of readers and would like some of the user’s to send feedback as to what they expect to see within the Computer Corner.  The Computer Corner was developed in order to aid the blind and the low vision in the daily usage of the computer and to gain a wealth of knowledge about the programs and systems they will use within their lifetime.

At the time of this printing we will discuss Jaws and Zoomtext as the primary readers that the Veterans Administration uses on a day-to-day basis.  We realize there are many more. Please keep Clyde Compton aware of any changes or adjustments and updates to any readers you might want to see within the computer corner.

We will try to keep the data current as it changes very rapidly.

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