Richmond Chapter
Chapter officers:

President: Herb Patterson
Vice President:  Michael White 
Acting Secretary:  
Treasurer:  Clyde Jackson
Chaplain:  Greg Bennett
Acting Recreation Director:  
Regional Representatives:
BROS) Blind Rehabilitation Outreach Specialist: Cyndy Iskow
Phone number: (804) 675-6568 
VIST Coordinator: Evelyn Heatwole
Phone number: (804-675-5221 
Additional Information and Programs (Visor)
BVA Richmond volunteer Office
Hours of operation: 09:00 to 1:00 Monday through Thursday.
Phone number: (804) 675-5000 Ext. 2606.
Office Manager: Rev. Clyde Jackson
Assistant office manager: Robert Adkins

Meeting dates, time, location, and up coming events are as follows: