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The Mid-Atlantic Regional Group
Blinded Veterans Association

Dear Members.
Greetings and Happy New Year!
The federal elections will be upon us. Are you registered to vote?  I encourage all of our members to participate in this political process. Our elected officials will make policy decisions that affect not only Veterans but our   communities, our economy and our daily life. If you are not registered to vote the following links will provide instructions on registering in your state:
Washington DC:
It is also important to know the names of your local representatives. The following link will allow you to search by zip code to retrieve a listing of representatives’ by state and district. :
I wish you all a prosperous year and encourage you to cast your vote in the upcoming election.
Doris Jones

Mid Atlantic Regional Group Fundraiser


Doris Jones
PO Box 2251
Mechanicsville, Virginia 23116

DATE: October 18, 2017

Dear Member,
Warm Greetings!

I am pleased to announce the Mid Atlantic Regional group has partnered with Kroger’s supermarkets in a fund-raising campaign. The purpose of this fundraiser is to raise money to offset the decreased funds received from the national office. This year we anticipate at 50% reduction. The MARG board has reduced expenses but more funds are needed to cover the operating expenses of the organization.
We are asking you to obtain and register a Kroger rewards card. If you do not have a rewards card they are available at any Kroger supermarket free of charge. Please encourage your family members, friends and associates to register their cards as well. The rule is one card per household and participants must reside in the Mid-Atlantic region. If you reside in an area outside of the range of a Kroger, you can participate with their affiliate store Harris Teeter.

The Mid Atlantic Regional group will receive 3 percent of the total spent by participants per shopping trip.
Money raised during this campaign will go towards regional group meetings, travel expense for conference delegates, maintenance fees for the MARG BVA website, the scholarship fund, the winter sports clinic and funds distributed to the Mid-Atlantic regional group chapters.

There are two options available for registration. Online or by phone. The simplest method is to call the following number 1 800 576 4377, select option 3 and speak with an agent. Participants must give the agent their rewards card number located on the back of the card below the bar code. Participants must also provide our MARG identification number which is 93236. Those who prefer to register online can do so using the following website address .
If you have any questions please contact Michaun Harrison, MARG Secretary at .





Puerto Rico Chapter BVA Disaster relief


Mid Atlantic Regional Group Fundraiser



December 5, 2017


Greeting's Members,


As you all know Puerto Rico was devastated by the recent hurricanes.  Many of the island residents are still without water, electricity and other essential items.  Mr. Angel Reyes, President of the Puerto Rico chapter, is working tireless y to assist fellow Blind Veterans on the island.  Mr. Reyes, his family and others are distributing water filtration systems, food and other supplies to blind veterans on the island.  For those of you who can donate I have attached the website link where donations   can be made directly to the Puerto Rico BVA chapter. In addition, please listen to the link below of the broadcast from Mr. Angel Reyes.


Let’s remember our motto and put it into action, “Blind Veterans helping Blind Veterans”.




Doris Jones





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